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Fiera di Genova, Sommarti
Mostrador gafas TV Sommarti
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bancocchio e piramidocchio
Eyecatcher for disco entrance
Sommarti's counters
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The best eye-catcher to present sox. It can be used also to present shoes or other articles.
The price of the table with legs (without the show case above):
800€ 110x60x90cm
The most classical counter in the world is composed with two columns with real copper oxidized like if it was a real monument made in bronze.
The price of the counter is 700€ The price is made for the two columns in copper green and real oxidized copper spots. Columns 90cm high x 40x40
The glass is not oncluded.
Ask an offer for  160x60x90cm
The best corner to show and sell kids sox is placed at the eye level  parents.
Two pairs of beautiful legs
and two hands keeping a panel with sox. It's so attractive that everybody stops.
Please ask for an offer: 150x150x250cm
An example of how to make an original sign for a shop.
Thr nest counter to ne used like a working table but also to show on the screens your collection, your works or anything else..
Delivered with screens in the glasses to be connected to your computer:1900€
This counter can be also be used like an attraction point in a shop window like here in a Karstad supermarket. The screens can show the images of an hidden cam.or a video about a fashin show.
Attracrion point just at the entrance of a discothèque. The glasses of the face shows what is going on inside and sometime what is going on outside.
The heads are delivered with the screens in the glasses. You can connect your computer or your camera to show live images or others.
The 2 heads with a working tagle of 3m 3m:
The counter like a double point of attraction with a big size to make big businnes.
The same as above but here  with his owner in his showroom
Sommarti's word in the Rimini's fair
Here above, Sommarti's world in the fair of Frankfurt
Woman's  and man faces like a 2 different  counters
This a stand we made for a hair stylist in the fair of Brussels
The magic word of a dancing place. The 3 heads hanged in the air are images of funny cases picked around.
El Mundo de Sommarti un dia en la feria de escaparatismo en Genova.
Last but not least, a counter made with a working table but under the table 3 pairs of legs are showing sox and shoes.
If we don't have what you are looking for, we can create it
Two hypnotic eyes, one in a cube and the other in a pyramid.The eyes are moving like they are exploring the street and they are used separately in shop windows to attract the attention
Ask for a price of this original counter
Ask for a price of this original counter